Oh, hello! So you wanna know ABOUT me, eh? Well, I love cheese, whiskey, and watching Ghostbusters (1 & 2). Long walks on the beach are fine, though I prefer just sitting on them at night. And I've been in the photography business for 8+ years. That's probably what you're more concerned with. My path started with a film Nikon back in 2004 and I crossed over into digital the following year (with a Canon Rebel). My initial schooling started at Showcase School of Photography, but I owe most of my education to Anne Simone (http://annesimone.co/). It might be weird to promote another photographer on my own business page, but she is an amazing friend and mentor and deserves the credit. But you know what? I'm kinda awesome too. So reach out to me if you like my work and want me to photograph your kids, your wedding day, your actor-face, etc. I'm eager to meet you.


Reach Out!

I'll be there.


Atlanta, GA